Production and supply chain security

For our pellet production, we only use bark free shavings and wood chips which occur in the wood processing industry as a waste product. Here we only work with certified wood processing companies from the local region. That's how we can guarantee that the wood is sourced from a sustainable forest or plantation. High-quality resources are the basis for our premium pellets. At the beginning of the production process, we start to filter and chop our wood and wood chips and separate any unwanted material using a hammer mill. Afterwards, we dry the wood using a dryer belt and process it through to the pressure chamber or maturity container. Here the wood shavings are pressed under high density and without adding any chemicals.

Through the temperature and pressure, the wood own lignins are softened and can create the outer layer of the pellet. The lignin's and pressure form a high durability and stability. A mould press and cutter form the pellets into its desired shape. The process is completed with processing the pellets through cooling them down and sieving them until they are stored in a big silo. We make sure our pellets have time to harden up completely by using three siles and several pellet storage warehouses, which at the same time enables us to provide supply chain stability.

1) Introduction of the resources into the production process.
2) Shavings-Silo I to store the unprocessed wood.
3) Separation of smaller and bigger particles using a hammer mill.
4) Shavings Silo II: Interim storage that optimises the drying process.
5) Drying of the resource using a dryer belt.
6) Boiler: Biomass boiler that provides the heat for the drying process which is sourced from the excess heat of the neighbouring plant.
7) Interim storage for the dried resource.
8) Production: Pellets are produced using a pellet press and are cooled down afterwards for an optimum pellet quality.
9) Pellets storage silo.
10) Loading of the pellets with another prior sieving process.
11) Packaging: Pellets packaging into 15kg bags.
12) Storage space to accommodate seasonal variations.

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