Premium quality for stress-free heating

Premium pellet quality is the basis for a stress-free heating. A key ingredient for premium quality is the homogeneity of the resource. HD®-Pellets are formed to achieve the optimum efficiency of your heating plant or fireplace. HD®-Pellets achieve better results than standard pellets due to the perfect mix of long and short pellets. Your combustion chamber can be filled more evenly due to the increased pellet homogeneity. The HD® homogeneity reduces the number of short pellets which results in a higher air permeability between the pellets for an increased net calorific value.

Quality is measurable

Through our stringent quality management, we can guarantee constant pellet quality. For this, we rely on internal and external quality checks. These quality checks begin with the selection of the resource including pre-production quality methods and constant quality controls throughout the production process and for each batch that leaves production. We can ensure the highest quality by taking and analysing product samples throughout the production process. Hanse-Pellet offers certified product quality through the EU ENplus certificate. Being certified means that the pellet quality can be guaranteed and your pellet stoves or plants can run smoothly. The standard includes quality classes A1 and A2 and EN B.
Class A1 is the premium quality used in private household boilers or stoves. A1 pellets produce the least amount of ash and fulfill the highest requirements.
Class A2 is used in larger installations and produces more ash. Industrial pellets are not called “ENplus”, but can be certified as “EN B”.

We are able to exceed the necessary ENPlus quality standards through our know-how, experience and passion. Our goal is to continue to exceed ENplus quality requirements:

Maximum transparency

Our pellets are analysed by an external and independent laboratory. Please find the detailed analysis reports below.

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